Sunday, January 30, 2005

Today... a day like no other

It is January 30th. Today is the election in Iraq, which appears to be having an overwhelming turnout among Shiites and Kurds, but relatively little participation by Sunnis. What the results are we won't know for a few days.

Yesterday, my wife heard George Carlin on the radio ask why the Iraqi's needed to make a new Constitution. He felt they could use ours, after all - we're not using it any more. A nice comedy line, but to many of us it seems true.

Did you know that today is also the anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Ghandi, who brought democracy to India but could not bring the Indians and Pakistanis together. Now, almost 60 years later, not much has changed in that part of the world. Pakistanis and Indians still fight over Kashmir. Non-violence has been replaced by war.

Today I am studying my Aflac sales book learning how to present an incredibly beneficial product. Yet we have to learn to approach business owners in a manner that does not trigger their innate fear and rejection of sales people. Trust is not part of the current milieu.

Today Elly and I will call Buddy before he leaves for Prague tomorrow. Elly will be there in March, but I won't see him until the summer. We are setting up Yahoo Messenger to save on phone bills. At least we can keep in touch that way.

So much for today....


Yesterday I taught my first Web Design 1 class at the Corcoran. I have a lovely group of women of diverse backgrounds and ages who seem highly focused on their goals and have wonderful experiences to share. There's also one member who slept through the class... I couldn't wake her... and this poses a problem for me. I have to talk with the Administrator I report to at the school.

I'll talk more about this class as it progresses. This is my, believe it or not, break during a week of insurance focus and I really like it.


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