Monday, November 6, 2006

Election Day - Down To The Finish line

I found this story on the Daily Kos when I got home from making phonecalls for the Maryland Democrats.

When you go there you will see an outrageous brochure designed to fool, primarily, African-American Marylanders. This shows how little respect the Republicans have for their constituency.

Jack Johnson, PG County Executive held a press cohference and was reported in the Gazette:
"Here we have today a piece of literature that really, to say the least, is untruthful," Johnson said. "I'm offended ... and I'm angry about it."

He said he and Mfume are still strong supporters of the Democratic ticket, in which Martin O'Malley and Anthony Brown are the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor and Ben Cardin is the candidate for the U.S. Senate. They are not supporting Republicans in the statewide races, Johnson said.

Curry, however, recently endorsed Steele for Senate.

The glossy color brochure says it is paid for and authorized by the Bob Ehrlich for Maryland Committee and Steele for Maryland Inc., which are the names of the official campaign committees for those candidates.

The offices of Steele and Ehrlich could not be reached for comment at press time, but Maryland GOP spokeswoman Audra Miller said the flyer is not from the party, and that she had never seen it before.

"It's odd that they're both on there like that," she said, referring to the fact that both Steele and Ehrlich were listed as authorizing the brochure.

Johnson said he had put calls in to both Ehrlich and Steele.

"We have to assume that they know about it, or it was done under their authority," Johnson said.

I find this outrageous.

Vote these guys into early retirement tomorrow!

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